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How do I check out a book from the Reserve Room?

Question updated on Sep 26, 2014   


To check out a book from the Reserve Room, bring it to the Circulation Desk. The first and second copy of reserve items are available for two hour loans. Additional copies on reserve are available for 24 hour check out. These 24 hour copies will generally have a sticker on the back under the barcode labeling them as 24 hour copies. Reserve items checked out within two hours of closing will be due an hour after the library opens the next day. Overdue reserve items accrue fines at the rate of $3 per hour, with a maximum of $75.

Reserve items can only be renewed if there is another copy of the same book available in the Reserve Room for other students to check out. If all other copies of a reserve book are checked out, a student must wait thirty minutes before checking the item out again to give other students an opportunity to check out the book. If there is only one copy of a book on reserve, the item can be renewed if we haven't had demand for the item from other students. Renewal requests for reserve items must be done in person. During interim periods, longer loans can be arranged for items on permanent reserve. Reserve material cannot be checked out to a carrel.