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Can I have the temperature adjusted if it is too hot or cold where I am studying?

Question updated on Sep 12, 2014   


Like most large buildings, the Library is divided into a number of different climate control zones. The north, east, and west zones are each controlled by a single thermostat that regulates the temperature on all six floors of the zone. The south zone (which covers the building's addition) has multiple thermostats spread out over different floors. Because there is a wide variation in what different people consider a comfortable temperature the thermostats are set to keep the building at a temperature range in the middle seventies, although fluctuations occur, particularly near the windows on hot sunny days, and on unusually hot or cold days (e.g., an eighty degree day in early April when the heating system is still in use). Library staff have no control over the building's temperature. Any changes must be made by the Facilities Department who will only make an adjustment if the temperature falls outside of the permitted range, and this will not happen immediately. In short, your best solution if the temperature is making you uncomfortable is probably to simply move to a different area of the Library.