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Is there any place to eat near the Law School other than the cafe in the Green Lounge?

Question updated on Sep 06, 2018   


The South Campus Dining Commons located to the southwest of the Law School features a glatt kosher station, a vegan and vegetarian station, made-to-order pasta and stir-fry, Mediterranean pizzas, and halal entrees served three days a week.

The Graduate School of Business (on Woodlawn Avenue between 59th Street and 58th Street) is about a ten minute walk from the Law School and has a cafeteria featuring burgers, a make-your-own salad bar, and different daily hot entrees.

The Divinity School Coffee Shop is located in the basement of Swift Hall, in the southwest section of the Main Quadrangle between Ellis and University Avenues and 59th and 60th Streets. It offers coffee, teas, and pre-packaged lunches, and is a little under a ten minute walk from the Law School.

A more complete list of University dining options can be found at UChicago Dining. Keep in mind, however, that the University dining halls are aimed at undergraduate students on a meal plan and that some buildings (such as 1155 E. 60th Street) have keycard access systems and are not easily accessible to law students.

In addition to these options, local food trucks also line up most weekdays beginning at about 11:30 a.m. on Ellis Avenue, roughly between 57th and 59th streets.