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Can I have the temperature adjusted if it is too hot or cold where I am studying?

Question updated on Sep 12, 2014   

Like most large buildings, the Library is divided into a number of different climate control zones. The north, east, and west zones are each controlled by a single thermostat that regulates the temperature on all six floors of the zone. The south zone (which covers the building's addition) has multiple thermostats spread out over different floors. Because there is a wide variation in what differen ... read more

What's the best way to get from the Law Library to downtown?

Question updated on Sep 12, 2014   

Car: Take Ellis Avenue or Woodlawn Avenue to the South Plaisance. Drive east on the Plaisance under the Metra Electric train tracks and past Stony Island Avenue until you reach Cornell Avenue. Take a left on Cornell and proceed north on Cornell as it loops around the Museum of Science and Industry. Cornell will run into Lake Shore Drive (Route 41). Take a left hand turn on to Lake Shore Drive nort ... read more

Where can I find U.S. Supreme Court briefs?

Question updated on Sep 06, 2018   

Making of Modern Law: U.S. Supreme Court Briefs and Records, 1832-1978 provides access to briefs and records from argued and cert denied cases, in PDF and searchable full-text from 1832 through 1978.  For more recent cases, Westlaw Edge provides merit briefs, appendices, and transcripts of oral arguments for cases argued since the October 1990 term and amicus briefs for cases argued since the Octo ... read more

What is the parking situation around the Law School?

Question updated on Sep 12, 2014   

The parking lot behind the Law School is reserved for faculty, staff, and students with valid parking permits Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. At other times no permit is necessary. Street parking along 60th Street, University Avenue, Ellis Avenue and the Midway Plaisance is free and open to everyone, but often difficult to find close to the Law School on weekdays during busine ... read more

How do I print a document from Chalk?

Question updated on Sep 12, 2014   

Most documents on Chalk appear as Word or PDF files, or can be printed using your browser's print function. How easily a document can be printed from Chalk, however, will depend on how the professor uploaded the document to Chalk. If you are having trouble printing using your browser's print command try right clicking on the Chalk document and then selecting the "Open as New Window" option. This s ... read more

Are there computers that I can use in the Law Library?

Question updated on Sep 05, 2014   

There are personal computers available for student use in the computer lab located on the third floor. These computers are reserved for law students, and you will need a valid Law School network login password in order to use them. In addition to the computer labs, there are also seven public access computer workstations in the Wilson Reading Room on the second floor that require a CNet ID to use. ... read more

How can I get a taxi cab?

Question updated on Sep 24, 2015   

Chicago taxicabs can be hailed from any city street, but cabs do not generally cruise through the campus. Your best bet is to call one of the larger taxi companies (e.g., Yellow Cab (312-TAXI-CAB (829-4222)), Wolley Cab (877-888-TAXI (888-8294)), or Flash Cab (773-461-4444) and request a cab, or try to hail one from one of the busier streets near the Law School, such as Cottage Grove Avenue or 57t ... read more

I don't have my LexisNexis/Westlaw/Bloomberg Law password. Can you help me?

Question updated on Sep 12, 2014   

If you have already registered your account, but have forgotten your username or password, go to the website and click “Forgot your Username or Password?” If you have not registered your account and lost your registration information, contact Todd Ito (

How can I get from the Law Library to the downtown suburban train stations?

Question updated on Sep 12, 2014   

The Hyde Park area is served by Metra's Electric Line, which runs from the Randolph Street terminal downtown to South Chicago, Blue Island and University Park. Chicago's northern and western suburbs are connected to downtown by other Metra rail lines that depart from different terminals - Union Station and Northwestern Station (Olgivy Transportation Center).

I have an article citation. How can I find the full text of the article?

Question updated on Sep 12, 2014   

Go to E-Journals and search for the name of the journal. Then use the FindIt! button to locate full text of the article. If you are having trouble, visit the Library's How do I find articles? guide for more tips.

Can alumni use the Library?

Question updated on Sep 12, 2014   

The Library offers alumni of the University access to all campus libraries and the option of purchasing borrowing privileges. In addition, access to a group of specially licensed databases is available online from off-campus locations. More details are available here.

Where do I check to see if someone has turned in an item that I lost?

Question updated on Nov 08, 2018   

The Law Library keeps some lost and found items at the Circulation Desk. People also bring found items to the Visitor Control Attendant or the Dean of Students Office on the third floor.

How can I reserve a carrel?

Question updated on Sep 05, 2014   

If you would like to apply for a carrel, please complete the online carrel application form. Carrels are assigned on a quarterly basis. Priority is given to students working on one of the law journals, research assistants, and students writing research papers for seminar classes.

What can I do if a book I need is checked out?

Question updated on Sep 24, 2015   

You can recall the book from the user who has it checked out, but we encourage you to use Borrow Direct or UBorrow instead. Borrow Direct and UBorrow has several advantages over recall, which are described on our Borrow Direct and UBorrow help guidse.

Is the D'Angelo Law Library open to the public?

Question updated on Sep 26, 2014   

The University of Chicago is a private institution, and there are restrictions on access to the Library for members of the public. For our complete policies, see our Access and Privileges page.

How can I access JSTOR and other article databases?

Question updated on Sep 26, 2014   

Use the Database Finder to search the Library's list of databases.

What can I do if I can't find a book that's not checked out?

Question updated on Sep 12, 2014   

The Library offers a search service for finding things that aren't where they should be. Find the book in the Library Catalog and click the link that says "Can't Find It?" Library staff will look for the book and send you an email. They will put the book on hold for you if they are able to locate it.

What is the Library's policy on cell phone use?

Question updated on Sep 12, 2014   

Please do not use cell phones in the Library except in the stairwells and third floor elevator lobby. Please be considerate of others when using cell phones.

Where can I fax something?

Question updated on Sep 24, 2015   

The multifunction copy/print/scan station located in the Reserve Room can also send faxes. For more information, see the University's Unified Printing page.

Where can I find a campus map?

Question updated on Sep 12, 2014   

A map of the University of Chicago campus is available at

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